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  • Thank you very much Sofia, for assisting our client and your prompt responses, to our enquiries. It really makes my work a bit easier, but a pleasant experience for our mutual client. You are an asset to AFM team and brokers like me, as we rely on prompt responses, for delivering service to our clients. Thanks again for your professionalism.

    Michelle Dexter
  • “I really like your Scenario site and how easy it is to get advice and then move forward with the right product.”

    Suzanne D
  • “I am just reaching out to thank you, and the AFM team for a recent experience that we had on a very tricky deal. The application was submitted a month ago. We knew it was a limit pushing deal being over $1M and low doc. We were also limited by time as the client was already past the intended settlement date upon submission. While we had limited options we had the most confidence in AFM, in particular our BDM Marcus.
    The deal moved smoothly to Conditional, however, we were then hit with hurdle after hurdle. A valuation shortfall that showed incorrect property specifics, a second valuation allowed, a request for a flood report, document after document and finally, a non-capital purchase on a BAS statement that hadn’t appeared on the drafts.
    Marcus worked endlessly on this deal. He was often providing updates before and after business hours, fighting for us when we felt the requests were unnecessary and pushing the deal through. He was always available when we needed him and prompt with his responses. I can honestly say it’s the best support we have ever had on a deal, he went above and beyond. I am so impressed by Marcus.
    Yesterday at 5:30pm we received Unconditional Approval. Marcus called before the letter was even issued to us by AFM. We were able to then call our customer and deliver the amazing news. She was in tears with joy. She also wanted to extend her thanks to the AFM team for this amazing outcome.”

    Louisa Sanghera (Zippy Financial Group)
  • “You Beauty!!!
    Love the experience writing a deal with you all.
    Thanks Gemma and team for issuing the formal on the dot for the finance clause.
    Am looking good and kicking goals for my customer.
    @ Helen: You and your entire team, stellar folks to work with! 10/10 on all my matrix for lender of choice.”

    Nitya S
  • “AFM credit assessors are a treat to work with! 10/10”

    Kym T
  • This is my first deal (of many) to AFM, and you guys have been great in terms of initial scenario to the approval stage.

    - Manesh F