Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Australian First Mortgage?

Australian First Mortgage Pty Ltd (AFM) is an Australian owned and operated non-bank lending institution, also commonly referred to as a Mortgage Manager.

AFM is a boutique business, which is customer focused, flexible and offers speed of delivery with quick decisions. AFM works hard to win your business and keep your business.

AFM commenced operations in 2003 and today is one of Australia’s largest non-bank lenders. The head office is located in Broadbeach, QLD, with a team of Business Development Managers located throughout Australia.

AFM is a fully licensed business and a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

Why Australian First Mortgage?

AFM offers a varied range of home loan products, tailored to suit first home buyers, repeat purchasers and investors. Our product range caters for the following needs:

  • Construction Loans
  • Bridging Finance
  • Lo Docs
  • Non-genuine Savings Loans
  • 95% / First Home Buyer
  • Specialist Loans

AFM loans are fully featured to meet the demands of even the most astute borrower. Some key features are:

  • Internet access for online loan transactions
  • 100 % Offset Accounts
  • Line of Credit with VISA or debit cards
  • BPay
  • Fixed, variable or combination loans
  • Salary crediting, direct debits
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • Pro-pack loans
  • High loan to value ratio e.g. 95% including lenders mortgage insurance
  • Large loans in excess of $2million

Our Staff

AFM prides itself on employing knowledgeable and experienced professionals. The AFM team are committed, dedicated financial specialists who have been hand-picked for their lending skills and ability to provide a superior customer experience.

It is vital that staff be kept up to date with regulatory, lending and procedural skills; therefore regular training is provided to all personnel, ensuring high standards are always maintained.

Be A Step Ahead With Pre Approval

Consider kick starting your home loan process by obtaining a pre-approval; this involves simply completing an application form, supplying key documents such as proof of income, proof of identity, evidence of deposit or refinance statements and sharing information about your existing loan commitments and credit limits.

Once your application has been assessed you will be supplied with a pre-approval – that is our commitment to you indicating our interest in providing you with finance.

A pre-approval gives you peace of mind with the confidence to know how much you can borrow, jump the queue to secure your property sooner and confidently bid at auctions.

What is a Mortgage Manager & Where Do We Get Our Money?

AFM provides mortgage loans by sourcing funds from large banks and securitised lenders. AFM sources finance from Advantedge Financial Services (a fully owned subsidiary of NAB), Bendigo Adelaide Bank, Pepper Money, and Resimac Limited. By entrusting your home loan to AFM you can rest assured in the knowledge that the money sourced is secure and from reputable Australian financial institutions.

Importantly, we do not lend our money, we do not take your loan repayments or deposits, AFM is not a bank. Banks often elect to use mortgage managers to provide loans as it reduces their need for costly branches and it is a great way to sell mortgages at very competitive rates.

In most instances between AFM, the lending institution and you the borrower, sits a trustee or custodian company, providing you with peace of mind that your mortgage is being properly and professionally managed.

In the event that AFM ceases to trade the lender, ourselves or even the trustee will quickly and easily appoint another mortgage manager to take over the management of your loan in its current form with little to no impact to yourself.

How Do We Get Paid

AFM receives payment from two main sources:

Application fees – which help offset the costs of establishing your loan; and

Management income – paid to AFM by the lenders. This management income is ongoing and covers the costs of managing your loan. Management fees may be reflected as a component of your interest rate.

Remember, AFM is responsible for establishing the loan, managing the loan and servicing all your borrowing needs until the final payment of the loan.

Your Broker & AFM

Being a boutique operation with representation in each state, AFM sells its mortgages through the broker network. Australia has over 10,000 independent brokers who source the most suitable home loans for their customers. It’s AFM’s role to ensure our product range is market leading and competitive; backed by excellent service enabling brokers to sell our range of products to you, the client. Brokers merely introduce the loan to AFM and the ongoing management is then undertaken by our team.

Why Is Australian First Mortgage Different?

AFM is more than a home loan lender. AFM manages your loan from the time of application through to the approval stage and settlement. Our client services team then manages the loan and work with you on day to day matters relating to the good conduct of the loan account. In the event of negative change to your circumstances our Credit team will guide you through the options available to help put the loan back into good order.

AFM is more than the company that holds your mortgage. AFM prides itself on offering its clients competitive interest rates, highly featured home loans and an overall superior financial experience.

Our staff are contactable directly, be it the person approving your loan or the client services operator managing your loan – no messy phone layers to overcome or lengthy hold times. Our staff are committed to meeting your needs and addressing matters, first time, every time.