AFM Slashes Fixed Interest Rates From 0.40% (RES) And 0.55% (COM)

AFM Slashes Fixed Interest Rates From 0.40% (RES) And 0.55% (COM)

Australian First Mortgage Pty Ltd (AFM) today announced that it had slashed its fixed interest rates on its Residential and Commercial loans of its two main funding lines:

Fixed Interest rates have been slashed as follows:


Complete Option Full doc:

  • 3 year fixed rate reduced by 0.40% bps; to 6.07% < 50%
  • 2 years fixed rate reduced by 0.16%bps; to 6.13% < 50%
  • 1 year fixed rate reduced by 0.10% bps; to 6.10% < 50%

Flexible Option Full doc:

  • 5 year fixed rate by 0.30 % bps; to 6.73%
  • 4 year fixed rate by 0.15% bps; to 6.68%
  • 3 year fixed rate by 0.30% bps; to 6.09%
  • 2 year fixed rate 0.15% bps; to 6.07%
  • 1 year fixed   rate 0.19%.bps; to 6.13%

Lo doc Interest rates have also been reduced, in the flexible Option range from 0.30% for 5 years to 0.19% for 1 year.

Commercial Interest rates on the AFM/ABL Smart Suite Commercial rates have been reduced as from Wednesday the 23rd May 2012 as follows:

  • 5 years reduced by 0.55%
  • 4 years 0.40%
  • 3 years -0.40%
  • 2 years 0.37%. and
  • 1 year from 0.35%

Iain Forbes Director of AFM said “These reductions in interest rates have provided AFM with an opportunity to offer some market leading fixed rates to enable the company to move forward in building its portfolio, and its strategy of Organic growth.

AFM is a market leading National Mortgage Manager, which offers, Full doc, Construction, SMSF, and Lo doc residential loans, as well as Full/Lo/No doc Commercial loans.

AFM is a National Company with Offices in NSW (Head Office) Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth.

For further Information:
Tanya White
Joint Managing Director
M: 0417212130

Iain Forbes
M: 0417413875