Loans For Property Investors

Property is a popular investment option in Australia and AFM has a range of mortgage products to assist in building your portfolio. Whether you plan to purchase a new investment property or want to refinance an existing residential investment, our lending specialists will help you find the ideal solution.

Choosing The Right Investment Loan

Your needs as a property investor are different from those of an owner-occupier, and investment mortgages are structured to accommodate those needs. Knowing the repayment options and features available can help you determine which residential investment loan product to apply for.

Line Of Credit

A line of credit can be drawn down at any time, making it particularly useful for unforeseen expenses like repairs to your rental investment. It works like a credit card where you can borrow up to a set credit limit with interest payable on the outstanding balance only. Contact one of our accredited brokers or loan specialists for more information.

Offset Account

An offset account is a savings or transaction account linked to your investment loan that can help reduce your interest repayments. The balance in this account is used to offset the amount you owe on your loan. As interest is calculated daily, the money in your offset account affects your home loan. One of the main benefits of an offset account is that you can still access the money in the account as you need it.

Interest Only Loans

With an interest-only loan, your repayments only cover the interest set for the term of the loan—the principal remains untouched. This loan type allows investors to minimise their repayments, which can be claimed as a tax deduction. You will still be liable for the principal once you reach the end of your interest only term.

Not sure where to start or want to know which properties are in your budget?
Try our borrowing power calculator to see how much you are eligible to borrow.

Key Investment Loan Features

100 per cent offset account

100% Offset Account

Save on interest by attaching a 100% offset account to your home loan.

home loan for up to 95 percent of property price

Borrow Up To 90%

Depending on how much deposit you have saved, you can borrow up to 90% of the property value.

Flexible mortgage repayments

Flexible Loan Repayments

Pay your loan weekly, fortnightly or monthly via BPay, Salary Credit or Direct Debit.  Fixed, Variable or Split loans are also available along with internet banking access for online transactions.

We service large sum home loans

Large Loan Size

Our investment home loans will allow you to borrow up to $2 Million.

Credit card with line of credit home loan

Line Of Credit

We also have the option for investors to take advantage of a Line of Credit investment loan with VISA debit card access.

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